In this article you are likely to discover 3 Sexual intercourse POSITIONS that you can use to present your woman much better sex. So if you are the kind of dude who loves to intimately satisfy your woman, make sure you read on carefully...

The very first sex position we will look at is 'The Vintage 69'.

'The Classic 69' Technique

Within this sex position anyone lie on your back.

The girl then straddles your face, dealing with away from you.

From this point, you give her ORAL SEX and she does the same for you. While you stimulate your woman's clitoris using your tongue, remember that you can even stimulate her vagina and/or anus with your fingers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never put anything back her vagina which has been in her anus simply because this can cause infections.

The second position we are going to examine is called 'Reverse Stand And Deliver'.

'The Reverse Stand As well as Deliver Technique'

For this sexual intercourse position, there is no need for the bed, which makes it quite versatile.

Your woman holds up and bends over.

You then penetrate the girl from behind.

Very simple and very effective.

Twenty-four hours a day grab her curly hair, spank her bum, make out her upper back as well as talk dirty in their own ear as you 'do her' via behind -- she will find it irresistible.

The third position we will look at is called 'Classic Doggie'.

'The Classic Doggie' Technique

To perform this sex position, the lady gets on her hands and knees, along with her back arched as well as her legs close together.

You then fall behind her, with your legs outside hers and you penetrate her from guiding.

This position allows you to penetrate her deeply leaving your hands free to additional stimulate her. You may want to reach around as well as stimulate her busts. Alternatively, you could activate her anus with your thumb.


Only use your imagination and relish the dominant role it forces you into.

The reality is that your girl will love it whatever sex position you have to 'do her', providing you 'get the girl off'.

In other words -- she will revisit for more, providing you leave her with ORGASMS every time you might have intercourse with her. And you'll give her orgasms in a position you like.


The key to giving your ex orgasms during intercourse is always to first give her genital orgasms with your fingers and then talk soiled and act dominantly as is available intercourse.


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